This is the blog for ‘Acting Local, Thinking Global’, an ESRC Festival of Social Sciences debate for Kings Heath, Birmingham, UK.

The aim of the project is to introduce local residents and organisations to community-based social marketing tools. These tools can be used in existing or future local community projects that seek to influence local behaviours (collective and individual) for positive local change. Even small changes at local level can link to other communities giving them a global resonance.

Organised by Dr Caroline Moraes and Professor Marylyn Carrigan, the project will comprise an interactive, public debate held at a local community meeting place, the Kitchen Garden Cafe, Kings Heath, Birmingham, on 5th November 2012. The topic will be how to use social marketing tools for existing or future local community projects in Kings Heath.

The event will include:

  • a webcast capturing the views of local entrepreneurs, retailers, community organisations, consumers and local residents on sustainability and/or social issues for Kings Heath;
  • a presentation of the published research case study of the iconic ‘plastic-bag free’ town, Modbury, Devon, demonstrating how small firms and local people can influence communities, diffuse sustainable practice and support societal change;
  • an interactive debate including an invited panel of  ‘catalytic individuals’ from the local community, where the public can share their views and explore potential community social marketing interventions to foster sustainable behaviour locally.

This event is about information-sharing and thinking about the practical applications of community-based social marketing tools for the local community and wider society.


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